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Project Rescue and Complex technologies

V alid Eval is an online evaluation system for organizations that make and defend tough decisions. It makes decision-making visible, outcomes defensible and feedback actionable.

It’s a platform that enables the people responsible for making decisions about grant awards, funding, prizes, or admissions, through a set of tools that ensure measurable and defensible evaluation processes. It guarantees that the evaluation results are transparent and as unbiased as possible.And more importantly, it makes all this information available for everyone involved to know it.

Valid Eval is designed for organizations that must make and defend tough group decisions. The system is easy to use, minimizes bias and provides highly useful feedback to participants. It surfaces and organizes the normally hidden criteria used in complex evaluations, increasing evaluator accountability and support for outcomes.

Ingenious was responsible for re-bumping the whole platform, first Frontend and then Backend. The former was done in React, and the latter involved transitioning from MySQL to Neo4j.

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