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Protocol Navigator - Covid19

In the middle of a pandemic. A solution for medical protocol compliance.

BienAcá on National TV

Canal 4 (Uruguay) covered BienAca, an Open Source solution for mandatory quarantine, during prime-time news.(video in spanish)

We cant understand Exponential Growth

It feels like things were under control, and all of a sudden coronavirus everywhere! How is it possible? it's hard to understand... and to believe!

It's just that it's hard for us to understand exponential growth, how things can suddenly explode! well, let me show you an example


Keeping track of subjects under mandatory quarantine is a complex task. There is just not enough resources to certify that every individual is compliant and a single rogue individual can spread the virus in a way that can spiral out of control. Take Korea’s patient 31 as an example, a super spreader that caused a successful, globally appraised, strategy to fail.

This is why we designed BienAcá, an open source solution, that enables any country or organization, to create their own solution out of this codebase. And that includes strategies to actively discourage the rogue subjects with little to non extra effort from the control mechanisms.

Using the fingerprint scanner we introduce biometrics checks to the standard solution, to ensure the subject, and not somebody else, is with the device. But that’s not enough, we introduce randomness to prevent the user to figure out, and play, the system.

Check it out or download the features document

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