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A Behavioral Design Agency driven by people.

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We help companies lead people to take action.

Our Story

Our company started operations in 2010, mainly designing products for the casino gaming industry. In that environment, we were introduced to the world of the behavioral research and its significant relation to the fate of any product aimed to engage users. Soon after that, we become focalized in leading the way of applying that knowledge to other product areas with more impact in the quality of life of the human beings like Healthcare and Education.

Headquartered in Uruguay and with offices in the United States and Brazil, Ingenious counts with a world-class quality team, experienced in working for companies from the entire world. Being one of the companies with most experience worldwide working on the design of behavioral triggers, we succeeded in areas such as Entertainment, Healthcare, Education, and Public Transportation.

At Ingenious we believe that innovation is a rich journey of everlasting creativity, learning, and sciences application.

We’re ingenious.
Design that leads to action.

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What exactly do we do?

We are a comprehensive product design agency. We specialize in supporting clients to develop physical and digital products based on the behavior of people. We help companies to transform their ideas into real products, covering with them all the phases that the creation of a product requires, such as design, prototyping, or execution. We have the capacity and experience to develop all kinds of products for any industry and market.


Who is it for?

Most of our clients are in the United States, but we also have clients in Latin America. It is a market that has great development potential and which we are aiming for. We have worked mainly for multinationals, but also with local companies.

Meet the team

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Yanina Bustos / Admin Assistant
Ignacio Bañales / Product Owner
Eloisa da Silva / Engineer
David Hernández / Engineer
Gabriel Barreneche / Product Owner
Gastón Yañez / Designer
Ignacio Martínez / Product Owner
Maria José Vlasanovich / Engineer
Guillermo Acosta / DevOps
Marcelo Brum / Designer
Karina Camargo / Admin Head
Mauro Di Bert / Engineer
Pablo Bañales / Engineer
Patricio Maite / Engineer
Jesus González / Engineer
Carmichael Caldwell / Sales
Nicolás Oromi / Product Owner
Fabian Duarte / Engineer
Gonzalo Rizzo / Engineer
Kevin Jones / Sales
Veronica Nin / Researcher
Celso Bonutti / Engineer
Franco González / Engineer
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Ignacio Parietti


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Gabriel Camargo


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Gabriel Chertok