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Fueling the next healthcare industry.

We help you envision and create sophisticated digital products.

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Product concept design leveraged by behavioral design techniques

Don't leave your product adoption and engagement strategies to chance. We envision products designed to entice people by leveraging the behavioral sciences.

UX / UI Design

Let us create the most amazing experiences for your users and have your product added to people’s list of favorite products


Software development using the latest technologies and integration with legacy technologies.

Leverage your systems with the power of reactive programming, progressive web applications and many other next-generation technologies, with a team that also knows how to integrate them with your legacy platforms.

Experts in healthcare systems integration

HL7 Standards (V2, CDA, FHIR)


REDOX Engine

HIPAA compliant software architecture experts.

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Optimize the performance and cost structure of your technology systems with expert advice on the perfect combination of on-premises and cloud distribution for your specific needs.

Featured Clients

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University of Colorado

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We worked with a team of researchers to design a GAME that liver transplantees could use to learn to keep up with their meds schedule.

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— Patient evolution tracking and treatment optimization tool for long term recoveries.

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— Empowering neurosurgeons to deliver data-based high precision procedures.

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My Fertility

Next generation clinic management tool for assisted fertility practices. Designed to minimize patient stress and keep expectations at the right place.

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Providing telemedicine the way that people really want it to be. Activities like prescription repetition, ordering studies, etc. are fit for a new type of consultation.

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Helping physicians to fight the Opioids epidemic with science-backed action protocols.

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