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Behavioral Insights

The fastest way to get your Product Aligned with Behavioral Sciences.

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Behavioral Insights is a process that applies concepts from Behavioural Sciences and Persuasive Technology to analyze your idea or product. It will help you discover opportunities, visualize critical pitfalls, and envision solutions.

In Four Different Flavours!

Get 5 x $5.000
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VP’s or C-Level looking to validate innovation projects Accelerators and Incubators looking to assess the potentiality of a project

Just $3.500
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Entrepreneurs or VCs looking to validate a new idea Researchers writing a grant

Just $8.000
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For Companies that already have a Product on the Market with Adoption or Retention problems.

From $10.000
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Companies that have identified a specific behavioral problem with their product and needs a fast solution.

When you run a product idea through the BI process you can detect risks before development starts. So you can invest with confidence.

When you analyze a product , BI identifies adoption and retention issues. So you understand the solutions needed.

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We encourage you to consider Behavioral Insights to find out what drives the engagement and retainment of your users.

In just three sessions you will understand how this Powerful tool helps you rewrite your reality...